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France, XVIIth century

Scissors case

Technique: Silver

Dimensions: 9,5 x 4 cm

Condition: Excelent

Provenance: Private Coll., Netherlands

Acquired by the Ministry of Culture and Sports for the Museo del Traje CIPE in Madrid.



  Magnificent scissors case in silver with pierce decoration of vegetal rolls, flowers, fruits, birds and imaginary animal heads. In both sides, an oval with a Putto and a text in old French refering to fidelity, love and the owner.

  Best known examples of XVIIth century scissors cases were usually made of steel, such as a similar one conserved at the Metropolitan Museum of New York (Nº inv.  2014.737.1). The Louvre Museum conserves an identical silver case (Nº inv. OA 2353), currently deposited at the Renaissance Museum of Écouen. 

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